If you’ve been emailing me without getting a reply for the past 1 week, I promise you that I’ll reply within the next few days (there’s a huge backlog of emails!). My wife Junnie and I were holidaying in Sabah, a much needed vacation 🙂

We spent 3 days at the foot of Mount Kinabalu, woke up really early to catch glimpses of the mountain without clouds covering the peak. We also managed to see a double rainbow immediately after it stopped drizzling! A very rare sight.

A short visit to Poring Hot Springs rewarded us with this shot.

Then we went to Sipadan Water Village on Mabul Island for some diving. Here are some of the things we saw, including lots of stonefish.

crocodile fish

leaf fish

and feather stars

This is where we stayed.

Here’s a self-portrait of ourselves in the water, taken during our safety stop… the vignetting at the top edges was due to my underwater wide-angle lens attachment which came a bit loose.