AndyLim Creative recently completed a series of identity design projects for 3 clients.

Theta Service Partner

An extensive corporate re-branding exercise for Theta Service Partner,
a specialist in credit workflow solutions for banks. The re-branding exercise included:

  • logo system design
  • tagline development
  • corporate profile design
  • product brochure design
  • information diagram design
  • business card design
  • letterhead design
  • envelope design
  • folder design
  • powerpoint template design
  • documentation template design
  • signage design
  • diary design
  • application software user interface design
  • website design and development



I’ll get around to showing some of the printed materials once I get my copies from the offset printer.

Theta Service Partner website, with an easy-to-use content management system in the backend to facilitate easy updating of text and images by the client:



Treefy is an online tourism marketplace that empowers tourists to customise their vacation experience and hire a guide to help them experience it.

Asther Lau Photography

Asther Lau is a photographer who specializes in portraiture for newborn babies, couples & families. Asther’s brief was to use her initials, which I have incorporated into a single letter. If you look closely, it has both the A and the L 🙂